Omni-Directional Drive Technology

Jan. 3, 2023
Conceptual Innovations’ HaloDrive delivers precision and maneuverability while carrying heavy loads.

The HaloDrive is an omni-directional motor-powered system that delivers precision movement for the largest, heaviest, and most complex applications across industries. Its patented HaloDrive Pods feature powered wheels that add mobility to a wide variety of heavy-duty industrial applications with a maximum weight capacity of 50 tons and dimensions up to 250 feet.

The HaloDrive modular design allows for retrofitting carts and lifts, increasing the functionality, weight capacity, and dimensions of equipment commonly used in manufacturing.

Conceptual Innovations developed the HaloDrive in response to manufacturers' requests for a material handling solution that safely maneuvers around tight corners and narrow spaces while carrying extreme weights.

Combining multiple pods increases weight capacity and drive power, and HaloDrive does not require any modification for facilities. Additional benefits include reduced risk of injury or damage, reduced operator fatigue, and no certification or specialized training is required to operate.

Conceptual Innovations

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