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Asset Tracking Service

Jan. 4, 2023
The Lytx Asset Tracking Service is designed for fleet managers who need timely information about their powered equipment.

Lytx Asset Tracking Service can be used by fleet managers looking for a streamlined approach to locating and managing their powered equipment. The service consists of the Lytx Asset Tracker hardware and a monthly subscription per unit that grants customers access to the customizable software via a Lytx account.

By installing a Lytx Asset Tracker device into a powered asset and using the tracking software, companies can quickly obtain important data such as the asset serial number, current estimated location, last connected time, and the last movement date. Customized real-time alerts provide additional visibility including how long the equipment has been dormant, current battery level, and when an asset enters or exits a defined area.

This full-view visibility gives fleet managers and business owners the ability to track history and travel patterns to determine vehicle and equipment usage, as well as whether they need to buy more equipment or offload some.

Although Fleet Tracking Service is not required to purchase Asset Tracking Service, subscribers to both services have the additional benefit of being able to view their vehicles as well as their powered equipment in one integrated map.


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