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Complete Drive Solution

Jan. 13, 2023
The modular design of the LogiDrive package from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS provides versatile arrangements, reduces the number of variants, saves money in Total Cost of Ownership, and allows for each unit to be individually serviced.

Engineered to be maintenance-friendly, cost effective, and energy efficient even with partial load ranges and low speeds, the LogiDrive System provides a complete, optimized solution ideal for intralogistics. The DuoDrive integrated gear unit and motor combine with the total LogiDrive package to form a high-efficiency solution capable of high-power density, quiet operation, and simple Plug-&-Play commissioning.

The LogiDrive complete drive solution reduces planning and commissioning efforts by offering an energy efficient, standardized, and service-friendly system that is Industry 4.0 ready. Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM) technology enables the LogiDrive system to maintain high efficiency even in partial load ranges and low speeds – making the solution especially suited towards intralogistics, warehousing, and airport applications.

The LogiDrive package consists of:

  • High efficiency two-stage bevel gearbox or DuoDrive
  • IE4 or IE5+ permanent magnet synchronous motor
  • Decentralized variable frequency drive
  • Power plug connector
  • M12 connectors
  • Incremental encoder
  • Pre-assembled cables
  • Standardized hollow shaft diameters

This solution reduces system variants through standardized geared motor selections tailored specifically to application needs and a large operable speed range via variable frequency drive technology. Simplifying engineering and selection into a compact, modular design significantly reduces spare parts inventory, enables fast commissioning through Plug-and-Play technology, and allows replacement of individual components. The plug-in connections on the base product also enable easy maintenance, service, and installation.

When it comes to gearbox options for the LogiDrive package, two-stage helical bevel gear units or the new DuoDrive integrated gear unit and motor are available.

NORD’s IE4 and IE5+ synchronous motors provide some of the highest efficiencies currently available. The use of this technology in the LogiDrive system minimizes overall costs during service life, provides a faster return on investment, and maximizes system availability. When these motors are paired with the NORDAC LINK VFD, high precision regulation and increased system accuracy is achieved. This optimized combination also results in large overload capacities capable of constant torque over a wide speed range.

NORDAC LINK variable frequency drives offer quick installation and servicing thanks to their quick-disconnect cable options, integrated maintenance switch, and local manual control options. These decentralized VFDs feature functional safety options, an internal braking resistor for controlled, dynamic braking, and parametrization via plug-in control modules, NORDCON software, or NORDCON app. As part of the complete LogiDrive package, NORDAC LINK supports a large speed range – enabling automation for a variety of applications such as stacker cranes, automated transports, baggage handling systems, and conveyor systems.


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