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Retail Planning and Execution Solution

Feb. 14, 2023
ToolsGroup has introduced Real-Time Retail, a retail planning and execution solution.

ToolsGroup has introduced Real-Time Retail, a retail planning and execution solution that leverages up-to-the minute supply and demand data to respond to changes in the marketplace in order to lower inventory, ensure product availability, and improve customer satisfaction across channels.

Real-Time Retail connects the JustEnough planning and execution solution with Inventory Hub—a dynamic data unification platform—to collect near-live data from siloed systems and serve that information immediately to Allocation, Replenishment and Fulfillment applications to:

Track events and changes to inventory across selling channels;

Serve information to planning applications in real-time;

Evaluate the impact of these events and changes;

Respond by adjusting where inventory is placed or fulfilled.

Allocation and Replenishment leverages real-time Inventory Hub data to evaluate the impact of each supply and demand event on the inventory plan and automatically recalculates and recommends purchase and allocation orders and transfers.

Dynamic Fulfillment, integrated with third party OMS systems, leverages Inventory Hub data for store-based fulfillment. With real-time supply, demand, and operational intelligence, it adjusts according to store demand and distribution center or store capacity.


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