Flexible Range Scanner

Jan. 10, 2024
ProGlove has introduced MARK Basic multi range, a flexible range scanner, and Advanced Scanning software features.

ProGlove has introduced MARK Basic multi range and Advanced Scanning software features. MARK Basic multi range is a new flexible range scanner, while Advanced Scanning is part of ProGlove's INSIGHT Visibility software solution.

MARK Basic multi range is an adaptable wearable scanner with configurable feedback and advanced scanning modes. Seamlessly integrated into the ProGlove ecosystem, MARK Basic multi range covers distances from 4 to 98 inches. The latest ProGlove scanner is IP54-rated for durability in harsh environments, and is capable of 8,000 scans per battery charge. It operates in temperatures from 32°F to 122°F.

MARK Basic multi range is a barcode scanner that addresses the needs of retail warehousing. Pick & Consolidation use cases in food warehouses require an ideal scanning range from 4 to more than 90 inches to scan location and item barcodes. Throughout the task, workers are constantly moving on a pallet truck, getting on and off at regular intervals. With MARK Basic multi range, workers have the flexibility to scan locations up to 8 feet from the vehicle. This will be possible while still having a fast-scanning experience for close-range items, without workers having to adjust their arm posture to un-ergonomic positions. 

Advanced Scanning is a software feature add-on provided by ProGlove INSIGHT. It upscales ProGlove’s handheld scanners to high-frequency scanning environments. Advanced Scanning includes Continuous Scanning and Multiscan. Both must be enabled in ProGlove INSIGHT. 


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