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Vertical Carousel for Inventory Management [New Products]

March 19, 2015
Hänel Storage Systems has launched two new Rotomat Vertical Carousels that feature new inventory management options.

Hänel Storage Systems has launched two new Rotomat Vertical Carousels. These units feature the latest hardware and inventory management options available from Hänel, including LEED lighting, Eco-Mode and the Digital Information and Location Display. These options work with Hänel storage methodologies, such as Item Pool Management and Free Location Management, to help speed daily operations while improving accuracy.

The Rotomat Carousel features a compact design that saves floor space and a range of configuration options that allow for complete customization to accommodate inventory large and small. A microprocessor-based controller offers standalone inventory management or integration with an existing inventory management system. The Rotomat includes enclosed, locking storage and access management options, and is designed to bring goods to the user at the ideal height.

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