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Supply Chain Collaboration Software [New Products]

April 23, 2015
TXT Retail has released TXTChain 6.0 supply chain collaboration software, now available on Azure.

TXT Retail has released TXTChaing 6.0 supply chain collaboration software, now available on Azure. TXTChain currently connects over 2,500 organizations worldwide, including fashion brands and retailers with their suppliers, carriers, logistics service providers. The new 6.0 version has been replatformed using HTML5 and completely redesigned in collaboration with Microsoft Corp.

Capitalizing on the modern style of the Microsoft user interface (UI), release 6.0 allows users to apply filters, select, change, order, or hide columns according to tasks. Intuitive dashboard indicators use process highlighting for critical situations, and with a simple touch, users can open and navigate to the details, gain insights and take the appropriate corrective actions.

The solution design is optimized for mobile usage and responsive to any online device, thanks to the use of the HTML5 technology. This helps users to better manage their deliveries, monitor the status of their transportation or shipping orders, regardless of where they are, or which device they are using.

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