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Dynamic Transportation Planning [New Products]

July 28, 2015
Ryder System Inc. has launched Ryder TranSync, an automated technology tool used to provide companies with dynamic transportation planning.

Ryder System Inc. has launched Ryder TranSync—a patent pending, automated technology tool used to provide Ryder Dedicated or Transportation Management Solutions customers with dynamic transportation planning. TranSync is designed to analyze the best combination of transportation modes at the lowest total network cost in real time, load by load, every day.

With TranSync, Ryder provides customized reports to help companies:

• Make the best mode decision among common carriers and either dedicated or private fleets in order to optimize a transportation network and find the lowest total network cost;

• Gain visibility of all transportation movements in one system to create flexible solutions that meet variations in demand; and

• Implement continuous improvement through the use of data in order to help right size fleets and reduce network costs.

Ryder System Inc.

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