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Packaging Cohesive [New Products]

Sept. 29, 2015
Muller displayed Lock N’ Pop, a water-based cohesive that does not harm packaging surfaces.

Muller displayed Lock N’ Pop, a cohesive that does not harm packaging surfaces, at Pack Expo 2015 in Las Vegas. Lock N’ Pop is a water-based cohesive that is stronger than stretch wrap alone and is cold applied, making it safer than hot melt. It does not leave a sticky residue or harm packaging surfaces when unstacking/popping product apart.

The cohesive can be applied with or without Lock N’ Pop equipment. Unlike solvent or latex-based materials that may be hazardous or difficult to clean and maintain, Lock N’ Pop solutions are completely water-soluble, and require minimal maintenance on application equipment. Formulated with FDA approved ingredients, the cohesive can be applied to ambient as well as refrigerated or frozen goods.

The ability to apply Lock N’ Pop’s cohesive very quickly with exact intermission cycles makes it a suitable solution for the beverage industry. In applications where shrink-wrapped liter bottles must be stacked, the Lock N’ Pop solution can be applied over the bottle caps to ensure a safe and secure load. In addition, the cohesive does not interfere with automatic depalletizers and can be safely incorporated into most any operation.


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