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Ergonomic Height Adjustable Bench System [New Products]

Jan. 6, 2016
ASD has introduced the SL series, its latest ergonomic workbench frame system.

ASD has introduced the SL series, its latest ergonomic workbench frame system. The SL series is an electro-mechanical adjustable height lift system that’s designed for assembly tables , workbenches, desks, or anywhere that sit and stand height adjustability is desired.

The two-piece adjustable legs nest within each other and extend or retract as the motor turns the internal ball screw. The complete lift system with frame consists of two legs, two foot plates with adjustable feet, a crossbar to secure the legs and controller with a choice of a simple up/down switch or programmable memory switch. The adjustable legs and controller are available separately for those who wish to customize the system.

The system offers synchronous control of 1, 2 or 3 legs. Four systems can be synched together to simultaneously control up to 12 legs. Lifting speed is 12mm (.47”) per second, lift distances of 300mm (11.8”) or 400mm (15.7”) with a maximum load capacity of 880lbs. with two or more legs. The complete frames offer stabilizing crossbars in lengths of 550mm, (21.6”) 950mm, (37.4”) 1150mm, (45.3”) and 1550mm, (61”) to accommodate various bench widths.

The crossbars come with pre-fitted universal connectors that can be pushed into the table leg slots and secured with an allen wrench. The extruded anodized aluminum profile legs have longitudinal slots for attaching shelves or other accessories.

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