Last-Mile Route Planning [New Products]

March 8, 2016
WorkWave Route Manager allows users to manage schedules, drivers and customers.

WorkWave (formerly Marathon Data Systems) has added three enhancements to its route planning solution. WorkWave Fleet, the company’s route planning software, has been rebranded as WorkWave Route Manager, which allows users to manage schedules, drivers and customers.

The enhancements include:

GPS integration: Now, from one screen, planners can instantly locate their vehicles and react smarter and faster to last-minute changes. Communication between drivers and the office has been streamlined, and information is at planners’ fingertips so that they can provide customers with real-time status updates.

Proof of delivery: Drivers can now capture photos, signatures and notes that sync back to the office using WorkWave Route Manager’s mobile app. This enables companies to answer customer inquiries quickly and gain access to a digital record of all completed deliveries.

APIs: Companies can now integrate WorkWave Route Manager with their fleet management solution.