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Oct. 5, 2016
Numina Group has released RDS+ LFT.wms, an advanced and tightly integrated warehouse management system (WMS).

Numina Group has released RDS+ LFT.wms, an advanced and tightly integrated warehouse management system (WMS). The solution expands the breadth and functionality of Numina’s Real-time Distribution Software, RDS WES-WCS order fulfillment automation software suite, by integrating Ehrhardt + Partner’s E+P LFS.wms.

The solution provides a highly scalable WMS with a full family of advanced logistics automation modules including a transportation management system (LFS.tms). RDS+ LFS.wms scales from mid-range to large volume DCs and also supports multi-site DC requirements and can also be deployed in the cloud. Included in the WMS are in-bound goods receiving, inspection, inventory management including A, B, C velocity put-away/slotting, and order pick, pack, and ship with both RF and pick to voice automation.

Features include:

Receiving: Capture, record and post incoming goods from suppliers and/or manufacturing production transfer areas.

Quality Control: Creation by SKU of inspection rules and order shipment instructions.

Inventory Control and Management: Maintain and define storage locations and bin locations with a configurable inventory management strategy that includes put-away, retrieval, replenishment, and stocktaking/cycle counting.

ABC-Analysis: ABC SKU analysis and range analysis by SKU velocity movement for directing storage location type and storage location groupings.

Paper, RF Terminal and/or Voice Picking: Pick to voice, pick to light, and RF terminal picking automation.

Intelligent Transport Shipping Manager: History, definition, display and use and recording of shipping and transport/tasks to optimize pick, pack, and ship work tasks.

Report and label print management: Lists and labels with a layout designer that can be performed by in-house personnel.

Interface to ERP: Import and export of item master, purchase order, delivery advice, goods receiving, customer or order data.

Statistics: Key performance indicators, KPIs, displays and printouts, statistic records for put away, retrieval and relocation.

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