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Supply Chain Marketplace Services [New Products]

Dec. 7, 2016
One Network Enterprises' Real Time Value Network (RTVN) 17.0 features marketplace services for Optimized Execution, Market Maker and Service Level Management.

One Network Enterprises has released Real Time Value Network (RTVN) version 17.0, which features key marketplace services including: Optimized Execution, Market Maker and Service Level Management.

One Network’s Optimized Execution service is designed to improve service levels while reducing costs by optimizing transport operations and replenishment simultaneously and across all trading partners. While One Network’s solutions address multi-party transactional execution and planning for any industry supply chain, this service provides specific capabilities for the retail, consumer goods, food service, automotive, public sector, healthcare, high tech, pharmaceuticals and logistics industries. It establishes a real-time information pipe between buyer, seller, logistics provider, and any other stakeholder in the value chain to drive improved perfect order compliance, reduced lead times, and lower transport and operating costs for all trading partners.

The new Market Maker service matches demand and supply across multiple parties in business to consumer as well as business to business transactions for both domestic and international logistics. Similar to Uber, this service matches any shipper demand on the network to any carrier capacity across multiple parties. Similar to Market Makers in a stock trading scenario, this service also matches bids and asks for price and service level terms between the trading parties. The service provides a collaboration platform that provides full shipment visibility as well as shipment, financial and contract rate management.

The Service Level Management Service (SLM) provides a multi-party network solution with a single version of truth that both the customer and the supplier can use to manage the contract, orchestrate and track execution between companies, monitor service level performance against contracted service level agreements with analytics, and generate and manage the associated penalty charge-back claims. In addition, the Vendor Analytics Service leverages the network’s existing analytics capability to enable customers to share data and let suppliers measure their supply chain performance against them.

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