Mhlnews 4839 Tvh Collision Warning System

Warehouse Collision and Pedestrian Sensor [New Products]

Dec. 6, 2016
TVH has introduced a collision sensor that detects machinery like forklifts and lift pallets as well as pedestrians.

TVH in the Americas (TVH) has introduced a collision sensor to its lineup of safety products. The sensor can not only detect machinery like forklifts and lift pallets but also detects pedestrians which can help reduce collisions and injuries.

This sensor is programmed to detect motion within 25 feet in both directions using infrared motion detectors. It is also equipped with highly visible LED lights placed on both sides of the device. The lights will begin to flash when the sensor detects motion coming from both directions to warn both the forklift drivers and pedestrians of an anticipated collision.

The sensor can be installed onto metal racking using the integrated magnet mounts that are provided with the device. Also included is a tether for added support and D-cell alkaline batteries.


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