Mhlnews 10878 Crown Cg35 Forklift

IC Forklift for Heavy-Duty Applications

Jan. 24, 2019
Crown has expanded its IC line of counterbalance forklifts for heavy-duty applications with the Crown C-G Series and C-D Series.

Crown Equipment Corp. has expanded its internal combustion (IC) line of counterbalance forklifts designed for heavy-duty applications with the introduction of the Crown C-G Series and C-D Series. The company’s pneumatic tire IC forklift is now available with capacities up to 20,000 pounds.

Crown’s IC forklifts are suitable for manufacturing plants, construction sites, brick and lumber yards, and recycling centers where operators need versatility to handle multiple tasks and rugged reliability to navigate rough terrain, unpredictable weather and heavy loads. The forklifts have industrial dual radiators that provide separate cooling for the powertrain in order to reduce fluid temperatures for extended reliability.

An array of additional, optional accessories and attachments are available to fit a variety of work applications. This includes rear-view cameras and cabin options that can be equipped with heat and air conditioning to help operators gain improved comfort, visibility and performance while working in unpredictable environments.

Crown Equipment Corp.

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