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Automated Guided Vehicles

Oct. 9, 2019
MCFA has launched two Jungheinrich AGV solutions, which includes the EZS 350a NA, an automated guided electric tow tractor, and the EKS 215a, an automated guided medium-to-high-level stacker.

Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift America Inc. (MCFA) has launched two Jungheinrich automated guided vehicle solutions, which includes the EZS 350a NA (shown), an automated guided electric tow tractor, and the EKS 215a, an automated guided medium-to-high-level stacker.

The EZS 350a NA Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) System, Electric Tow Tractor (11,000 lb.) is based on Jungheinrich’s standard tow tractor and uses laser navigation. The automated handling of repeatable transport processes to production or assembly lines reduces the delivery time to these lines, thereby allowing focus on their other tasks. This model can be used in an automated mode and a manual mode. This provides added flexibility for operator usage when and if required.

The EKS 215a Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) Medium/High Level Order Picker / Stacker (3,300 lb.) is an automated guided vehicle system based on Jungheinrich’s vertical order picker design. The EKS 215a AGV can be used in mixed operations mode alongside other manual lift trucks and pedestrians. The EKS 215a model also features adjustable forks for the transport of special load carriers and closed pallets.

Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift America Inc. (MCFA)

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