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Narrow-Aisle Turret Truck

July 10, 2024
Crown Equipment has introduced the Crown TSP 1000/1500 Series very narrow-aisle turret truck

Crown Equipment Corp. has introduced the Crown TSP 1000/1500 Series very narrow-aisle turret truck. The lift truck features the Gena operating system, which reinforces operator safety and enhances lift truck performance and also simplifies truck-to-operator communication and provides real-time actionable data.

The intuitive Gena lift truck operating system provides users with real-time, actionable data, including safety reminders accompanied by illustrations and customizable widgets that display key operating metrics like battery state of charge, hour meter and height indicator.

The TSP Series turret trucks are supported by the heavy-duty Crown MonoLift mast that delivers greater stability all the way to 675 inches. The mast allows operators to lift more weight to greater heights. The new turret truck also features the added ability to blend main mast hydraulic and auxiliary mast hydraulic functions, allowing operators to raise/lower the main platform and the auxiliary forks at the same time to boost efficiency and enhance productivity.

The Crown TSP 1000/1500 Series turret truck includes Crown’s OnTrac anti-slip traction control system that reduces slippage or wheelspin whenever the lift truck is accelerating, plugging or braking on wet or dusty floors. Customized energy solutions for the turret truck are available based on a range of V-Force lead-acid or lithium-ion batteries and chargers, to meet user application and infrastructure requirements.

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