Asset Tracking for Warehousing [New Products]

Asset Tracking for Warehousing [New Products]

Onyx Beacon has introduced TRACKO, a mobile-integrated solution for asset tracking and real-time locating service, based on Bluetooth Beacons interacting with mobile phones or tablets, without the need of a gateway device.

Instant real-time overview of the inventory, improvement of productivity, precision, cost-effectiveness and employees’ efficiency are the main benefits of the new solution.

The solution works based on two types of beacons: fixed beacons installed at the premises to cover all surface and map the location like a grid (powered by power plug or battery), and mobile beacons, attached to assets, which are signaling their location to nearby devices.

When placing or moving an asset, warehouse personnel will carry a mobile device, which is automatically detecting asset’s position and transmitting accurate data, in real-time via mobile app, to the cloud platform. When searching for a specific asset, staff will just have to introduce asset’s ID on the cloud platform or in the mobile app, will see its precise position and, when arriving in that specific area, could use a sound localization function to precisely identify the targeted item.

Onyx Beacon


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