Automated Guided Cart [New Products]

Automated Guided Cart [New Products]

The Creform Tite-Space BST AGV Tugger is designed for delivering to line-side assembly points when space is at a premium or where turns are tight and aisles are narrow within factories, warehouses or distribution centers. With a minimum turning radius of 400 mm (17.5 in), it slips into tight spots and leaves just as easily.

The BST Tite-Space unit features a low-profile design consisting of a drive motor, 24-volt DC power supply, and guidance sensors. It travels in a single direction along an easily installed magnetic tape guidepath at speeds of (4-50 m/min). It glides under stationary pushcarts then engages the cart by extending a catch pin into the cart’s BST interface. The BST then conveys the cart to the required workstation or load/unload point further along the magnetic guidepath, retracts the pin to disengage the cart and is free to travel to further points and move additional carts.

The Tite-Space unit is able to mobilize multiple carts with a single drive unit, making it an economical alternative to other delivery methods. It has a maximum towed weight/draw bar of 600 kg (1320 lb)/26 kg (57 lb) depending on floor conditions and caster selection. For safety it has electromagnetic braking, audible warning and flashing light, obstacle sensor, bumper switch and e-stop. Command tapes initiate AGV functions such as speed changes, route selection and extend/retract tow pin. Control options include PLC, RF, RFID, and optical communicator. A battery tray cart simplifies battery changing.



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