Automated Guided Cart [New Products]

Automated Guided Cart [New Products]

Creform has introduced the FHS-A20020, an AGC that is suited for a simple loop with multiple stopping points for material delivery, as well as point-to-point delivery. It follows a peel and stick guidepath.

The AGC includes an off-board system for the unit to open and close air-lock doors automatically. The AGC pulls up, opens the first door and proceeds into a lock chamber. The first door closes and the second door opens. The AGC pulls out and the door closes behind it. The high bar on the AGC is actually a door guard to protect the unit if a door comes down unexpectedly, protecting not only the AGC and the door but also the customer’s products.

Although the FHS-A20020 can be constructed in larger and different configurations, the unit shown is 35”L x 19”W x 72”H. The compact dimensions allow the unit to travel in space restricted areas where many larger units cannot fit. It comes with 12 volt system powered by a deep-cycle battery, supported by Placon rollers for easy transfer on/off the AGC. The batteries are charged on a Creform stand and are exchanged between shifts.


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