Automated Tugger [New Products]

Automated Tugger [New Products]

The Creform BST AGV from Creform Corp. works as an automated tugger, traveling along a magnetic tape guidepath. It slips under a stationary cart, extends a tow pin into the cart’s frame and then conveys it to a designated area.

The BST CA-A50060-NSI designated AGV can make four to six trips during two shifts. It travels a two-route system, with the ability to handle more. The overall distance the unit travels is 600 ft. The forward-only mode AGV can travel from 10-164 ft./min depending on the area conditions and production needs.

The system employs two carts, with one being loaded in the warehouse while the other is actively delivering products in route.

The Creform BST AGV-NSI’s control system is programmable and can control 50 courses with up to 128 commands on each. Programs can be downloaded via USB memory, Ethernet cable or radio signals (with optional equipment). The unit runs on 24-volt power, and can run a full shift under load capacity prior to recharge. 

Options to the system include remote start via data transmitter at home station, opportunity charging systems, and radio communications to integrate with a Creform traffic control system.

Creform Corp.

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