Barcode Reading Platform [New Products]

Barcode Reading Platform [New Products]

Microscan has introduced the MicroHAWK industrial barcode reading platform, which features a fully-integrated barcode imaging engine, three industrial-rated miniature barcode imagers, and the new WebLink browser-based configuration interface. Together, this comprehensive barcode reading platform decodes any symbol in any application with unprecedented flexibility, compatibility, and ease of use.

From decoder, to sensor, to speed, to illumination, the barcode imaging engine can be configured with any combination of features and packaged into a MicroHAWK model (ID-20, ID-30, or ID-40) with ideal dimensions, connectivity, and industrial-rating for any installation.

Both MicroHAWK and the intuitive WebLink UI were engineered to allow anyone with or without barcode reading experience to install a device into new or existing systems. There is no software required to use WebLink, a web-browser-based interface for industrial barcode reading. From any web-enabled device, users can access the IP address of their MicroHAWK reader in a web browser to view decoded data and barcode images in real time. Using basic information about a barcode reading job, (barcode type, application type, number of codes, etc.), the WebLink interface automatically adjusts the settings of the connected MicroHAWK reader to train and optimize for the expected codes and reading conditions.



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