Barcode & RFID Lableling Software [New Products]

Barcode & RFID Lableling Software [New Products]

TEKLYNX International, a barcode and RFID labeling software developer and solutions provider, has launched several new products: LABEL MATRIX 2015, LABELVIEW 2015, CODESOFT 2015, SENTINEL 2015 and LABEL ARCHIVE 2015.

The 2015 product range offers compatibility with Windows 10 along with the following new features:



Variable Pick List functionality reduces number of labels to maintain and increases label design flexibility;

Edit File shortcut allows you to edit text files while working on labels;

• More intuitive activation wizard makes it easier for users to select desired activation type (single vs. network user);

• Expanded GS1 label wizard includes new Application Identifiers (AIs) and simplifies creation of GS1 standard barcodes;

Grid Matrix Code encodes all Chinese characters in barcodes;

DotCode, a 2-D symbology, supports high-speed, ondemand printing on labels or products typically found in Direct Part Marking (DPM) applications;

• Enhanced label preview functionality in Windows Explorer and via the File Open dialog box: label files now display preview thumbnail and information on author/barcode type;

Uniscribe enhancement, now supports all languages that read right-to-left, such as Arabic;

Tagged Texts Management now supports font/color attributes for foreground and background, useful for food allergen labeling;

• Includes proposed nutrition facts label sample;

• Expanded dynamic formatting for variable information with Rich Text Fields (italics, color, font) supports highly stylized label design;

File Property now allows end users to easily access label properties to support approvals, security and VBScripting by right clicking on the label;

Click Print feature allows a variety of thumbnail preview sizes and provides end users a shortcut to the print screen, eliminating risk for unintended label modification;

• New medical device gallery lists ISO15223 and European standard EN980 symbols;

Help file available in Portuguese.



• Includes all LABELVIEW 2015 features;

• Improved PortWatch functionality allows end users to print labels for an undetermined quantity of variable weight items when connected to a weighing scale, reducing label stock and time;

• Enhanced GridField featuring the ability to add multiple database records to one label increases;

flexibility for creating forms and documents such as packing slips, bills of materials or product receipts.



• Added address field combination expression automatically excludes blank lines, optimizing address labels;

• More intuitive activation wizard makes it easier for end users to select desired activation type (single vs. network user);

Multi-line keyboard input prompts scroll automatically, making data entry more efficient;

• If prompted, database connection can automatically refresh when launched – ensuring access to the most up-to-date data;

• Expanded number of available label samples helps end users with label designation;

Help file available in Portuguese.



Optimized new platform allows end users to manage up to 1,000 printers from one server;

Faster data processing, more robust, stable and highly scalable;

Controller and Manager combined into one utility – making it easier to navigate the interface.



Optimized reporting tool allows end users to access human-readable print history and create oneclick reporting based on system users or dates;

Label dashboard lets end users schedule exports of variable data to unencrypted tables.


TEKLYNX International


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