Battery-powered Roll Load Mover [New Products]

Battery-powered Roll Load Mover [New Products]

Appleton Mfg. Division’s battery-powered RollMover material handler is designed for moving large master rolls of paper, plastic, film, foil, fabric, tissue, towel, nonwovens, or fiberglass mat, as well as large trucks or chassis.

With the power to move loads ranging from 100 lbs to over 100,000 lbs, the RollMover helps to increase productivity by preventing the need to wait for special tow trucks or moving machinery. It also helps prevent on-site injuries caused by pushing heavy loads.

The RollMover comes in four different models to cover various needs and scenarios:

• Standard Duty (SD) RollMover can safely move loads up to 6,500 pounds.

• Heavy Duty (HD) model can manage larger loads reaching 50,000 pounds plus.

• Extra Heavy Duty (XHD) model can manage larger loads reaching 100,000 pounds plus.

• HD Large Roller (HDLR) model offers all the features of the HD model along with a large, contoured drive wheel designed for damage-free moving of soft material rolls, including tissue and nonwovens.

Appleton Mfg. Division


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