Cageless Spiral System Conveyor Belt [New Products]

Cageless Spiral System Conveyor Belt [New Products]

Cambridge Engineered Solutions has introduced CamEDGE, a new cageless spiral system conveyor belt.

CamEDGE belts utilize a well-supported drive link on the outer edges that reduces component flexing during sprocket engagement. This results in an extended belt life and less chance of component fatigue. The stainless steel belt’s hold-down tabs are designed to eliminate “Christmas treeing” (lifting) associated with traditional spiral designs which prevents the possibility of catastrophic failure.

Designed for cooling and proofing processes, but also functional for freezers and chillers, CamEDGE in combination with an edge-driven spiral system allows plants to modernize and increase throughput. The cageless system and spiral belt reduces floor footprints and can be configured around structural columns and other places traditional spirals can’t be built.

CamEDGE is primarily designed for bakery and food processing applications.

Cambridge Engineered Solutions 

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