Compact Overhead Conveying System

Compact Overhead Conveying System

SSI Schaefer has introduced the SSI Carrier, a compact and flexible overhead conveying system. The patent-pending SSI Carrier consists of a universal carrier, a circulating conveyor, an accumulation conveyor, and switches alongside workstations for loading and unloading of carrier units.

SSI Schaefer opted for a standard component approach that interchanges with modular components as needed. The flexibility allows for complex picking, sorting, buffering and sequencing in a cost-effective manner. The overhead SSI Carrier transports pockets, pouches, or hanging goods on rollers, reaching performance throughputs up to 10,000 carriers per hour.

For returned goods, the SSI Carrier includes a dynamic returns buffer. Qualified returned goods are registered and placed in a pocket, pouch, or hung and fed into the system via a simple switch. From there, both returned goods and regular inventory are sequenced for order picking, ensuring the returned good is shipped out first.

An assigned RFID tag represents each carrier and routed throughout the system for inventory tracking. The conveyor was engineered to distribute flow equally throughout the entire system. This design eliminates declines, which typically result in slowing or crashing goods in similar designs. The horizontal placement of pockets or hanging goods allows for optimum use of space.

SSI Schaefer Systems International


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