Composite Pallet Utilizing Polyurethane Resin [New Products]

Composite Pallet Utilizing Polyurethane Resin [New Products]

Covestro (formerly Bayer MaterialScience) and RM2 have introduced a new approach to pallet design, fabrication and management. The approach begins with polyurethane resin that is pultruded to form lightweight composite pallets.

RM2 pultrudes Covestro’s Baydur PUL 2500 polyurethane system to form its BLOCKPal composite pallet. Use of Covestro’s polyurethane composite results in pallets that can be used over and over again in automated, closed-loop, multi-trip supply chains with high numbers of movements. This enables RM2 to lease the pallets through long-term contracts with customers. This is further complemented by the company’s ERICA tracking system, which provides real-time intelligence to monitor and manage the movement of pallets. RM2’s ability to identify pallet locations helps minimizes pallet loss, which is central to RM2’s business model.

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