Conveyor Wear Strips [New Products]

Conveyor Wear Strips [New Products]

New two-color wear strips from FB Chain show at a glance when it’s time for their replacement—promoting safe operation while helping to reduce conveyor downtime due to wear strip checks.

Polyethylene wear strips are a common sight in many conveyor applications, protecting chains from damage and reducing noise and vibrations – yet only in a single color. Now FB Chain is offering customers a new two-color design, developed by its conveyor specialist Graham Barber, which can help service technicians to better plan maintenance.

In Barber’s design two contrasting colored plastics are layered over each other and as soon as the base color becomes visible through the top layer, technicians know that it is time to replace the wear strip. This visual cue acts as a convenient built-in wear indicator. Technicians do not need to stop the conveyor to check the degree of wear to the wear strips and it ensures they are replaced at the optimum time—not too early, generating unnecessary expenditure, and not too late when damage could be caused to the conveyor chain.

FB Chain

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