Demand Sensing and Analytics [New Products]

Demand Sensing and Analytics [New Products]

Orchestro Inc. has announced the next release of its SaaS platform which extends its business rules engine to include exception alerts for on-shelf availability and promotion execution. Alerts can be delivered via email or through Orchestro’s web and mobile applications that can be proactively managed in a prioritized manner.

Issues related to on-shelf availability cost retailers and consumer goods companies billions of dollars annually. Through Orchestro’s ShelfSense, consumer packaged goods companies can proactively manage this problem through flexible, user-configurable exception rules. Users can adjust the on-shelf availability algorithm to meet their specific needs for specific sets of products through store cluster weighting and other optimization settings.

Orchestro’s PromoSense provides cross-retailer promotion management allowing CPGs to collaboratively build promotions, assign promotional goals such as price, build and lift, and manage day-to-day exceptions to those goals. Exception alerts can be distributed to managers or field personnel to improve in-store execution or ensure store-level compliance with goals.

This level of granular execution is designed to help enable both retailers and suppliers to align more effectively during event-driven promotions to help manage the demand curve more effectively.

Orchestro Inc.

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