Digital Narrowband Solutions

Digital Narrowband Solutions

Zebra Technologies Corp. has introduced a solution with two new narrowband-enabled industrial mobile computers designed for inventory and asset management in large outdoor environments. The Omnii XT15 handheld mobile computer and the VH10 vehicle-mount computer are now available with narrowband radios and offer backwards-compatibility with the former Psion’s existing narrowband wireless gateway and controller.

Narrowband is a secure, low-bandwidth, long-range wireless network specifically designed to deliver digital wireless connectivity for data applications in large outdoor areas. It uses licensed frequencies that customers own and doesn’t conflict with other 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz wireless networks.

The narrowband-enabled XT15 and VH10 are designed for inventory and asset management applications in harsh environments and large areas, including seaports, airports, rail yards and manufacturing plants with large outdoor yards.

Zebra Technologies Corp.

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