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Digital Network for Pharma Supply Chains

TraceLink's Digital Network Platform allows users to design and deploy network orchestration and analytics applications across the life sciences value chain.

TraceLink Inc. has launched the Digital Network Platform, which will allow users to design and deploy network orchestration and analytics applications, enabling patient-centric orchestration across the end-to-end life sciences value chain.

It is built on top of the TraceLink Digital Supply Network, and designed for the rapid development of applications utilizing its multi-enterprise collaboration and data sharing capabilities.

The Digital Network Platform will provide an environment for the development of network orchestration applications that enable partners to integrate and exchange transactional information inter-operably about common business processes through standardized, secure and permissioned interfaces, thereby creating new digital business process ecosystems. The unique network data generated from these network orchestration applications will feed into analytics models that apply machine learning, artificial intelligence and predictive analytics to create analytics applications that can help solve complex supply chain and healthcare problems.

Throughout 2020, TraceLink will release a series of applications on the Digital Network Platform, to enable supply network integration, end-to-end business process orchestration, and real-time analytics, including: Serialization Process Intelligence; Experience Design Environment (XDE); Smart Supply Manager; Smart Product Excursion Tracking; Digital Recalls; and TraceLink Development Environment (TDE).

TraceLink Inc.

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