Docking Solutions for Rugged Tablets [New Products]

Docking Solutions for Rugged Tablets [New Products]

Havis Inc. has added IP65-rated fixed docking solutions with internal power supply options for Dell Latitude 12 Rugged Tablets. The DS-DELL-700 Series expands Havis’ existing product line for mobile applications requiring an IP65 compliant rating and an internal power supply.

The low-profile design helps maximize productivity in mobile offices where harsh environmental or weather conditions are a factor, such as with forklifts in material handling and warehousing applications.

The DS-DELL-700 Series offers tablet charging, security and connection to peripherals in rugged work environments. The Ingress Protection (IP) rating of “65” indicates a “dust tight” design that protects enclosures against jets of water from any direction. Internal power supply options provide a compact solution for mobile charging in the field or warehouse, while built-in theft deterrence provides added security for devices.

Tablets are secured in the DS-DELL-700 Series by aligning devices in sockets and fixing with tamper-proof screws for ultimate device security in rugged conditions. Combined with mounting and motion accessories, the docking solutions can be integrated into a number of vehicle applications, including forklift and carts.

Internal power supply options in the Havis DS-DELL-700 Series are available for 12V vehicles, while external power supply solutions are available to accommodate a full range of forklift voltage requirements.

Havis Inc.

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