Electric Forklift Charger [New Products]

Electric Forklift Charger [New Products]

AeroVironment Inc. has introduced the PosiCharge ProCore Series, an intelligent charging family that supports and charges any material handling battery. Ranging in power from 5kW for lower-duty vehicles to 30kW for the hardest-working electric forklifts, the new PosiCharge ProCore Series is designed for electric forklift fleets of all sizes.

ProCore requires no specific training to mount, install and update. Its colorful, digital display and mobile app enable fleet managers or forklift operators to configure ProCore chargers on the go. Setting up, programming and troubleshooting ProCore chargers can be done with an iOS or Android smart phone.

PosiCharge standard multivoltage capabilities allow different forklifts with different batteries to charge on the same ProCore charger, independent of type, brand, voltage or size.

AeroVironment Inc.

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