Ergonomic Picking Cart [New Products]

Ergonomic Picking Cart [New Products]

Plastic utility trucks in the Poly-Trux 50P Series line from MODRoto are offered with an optional, ergonomic, spring-loaded platform to reduce bending and reaching into the cart during picking, packing and fulfillment operations.

Designed for use in warehouses, DCs and other facilities where lifting, bending and repetitive motions are to be minimized, the ergonomic, plastic carts allow the spring-loaded platform to sink as packages are placed inside and to rise automatically as packages are removed to keep packages properly positioned at a comfortable working height.

The 50P Series utility trucks feature a rotationally molded, waterproof, plastic bin set atop a rugged base on industrial-strength, non-marking casters as standard. Available in three different models, the 50P Series carts come in a choice of 18-, 16- and 11-bushel capacities and in a variety of standard colors. The 50P Series utility carts nest and stack one inside another when the spring-loaded platform is removed for storage and transport.


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