Four-Wheel Counterbalanced Forklift [New Products]

Four-Wheel Counterbalanced Forklift [New Products]

Crown Equipment Corp. has introduced the Crown SC 6000 Series to extend the operator productivity, performance, safety and comfort benefits of the counterbalanced forklift beyond the warehouse environment. The four-wheel forklift features a Crown-developed steering axle that provides a turning radius and maneuverability that rivals three-wheel versions.

The electric sit-down counterbalanced forklift also offers a number of features that help improve operator performance in tough conditions, including new soft and hard cab options. The rugged design of the hard cabin and the two-way sliding, locking windows on the clear view doors help improve operators’ control of their working conditions.

The soft cabin features an acrylic top and rear window and doors that can be rolled up or down as weather conditions change. A steer axle featuring robust steel construction and super elastic tires for use indoors and outdoors both increase the durability of the forklift while helping create a more comfortable ride.

The Crown SC 6000 features Crown’s Intrinsic Stability System, which uses integrated sensors and controllers to constantly monitor and control key functions and movements of the forklift to enhance safety and performance. For instance, the on-board intelligence helps the operator maintain constant speed on ramps and provides travel and cornering speed control based on load weight, lift height, steer angle and truck speed.

The frame of the Crown SC 6000 is equipped with heavy-duty, 3Ž4-inch steel plate and I-beam mast rails that resist bending and twisting. The forklift, which also features steel-constructed steer axles and tough Crown-built drive units and AC motors, can support load capacities ranging from 3,000 to 4,000 pounds depending on the model. 

Crown Equipment Corp.

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