GPS Tracking and Monitoring System

GPS Tracking and Monitoring System

​​​​RingVoz has introduced Truway, an advanced GPS tracking and monitoring system that helps keep track of the routes drivers are taking, the amount of fuel they’re using, and many other factors that can be used to determine driver's patterns. It also lets drivers know when it is time for fleet maintenance.

The Truway system offers vehicle tracking solutions that alert when vehicles make a delivery, and other updates about what the drivers are encountering during their travels.

The Truway GPS tracking device offers these features:

• Event notifications

• Location tracking

• Fleet status with the fleet tracker

• Active reporting to be always kept up-to-date

• Fleet health

• Maintenance scheduling

• Sending notices to the driver through the Truway portal.

The Truway GPS Monitoring System comes with a graphic interface that keeps managers and drivers updated and informed about odometer readings, license plate information, policy differences in various states, and license information for drivers.

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