Guiderails for Carton Flow [New Products]

Guiderails for Carton Flow [New Products]

UNEX Manufacturing Inc. has developed new guiderails for Span-Track, allowing companies to create a dedicated lane of carton flow on the Span-Track universal wheel beds.

The new guiderails are made of an aluminum rail that drops onto the Span-Track and locks into place, reducing assembly time and installation. This niche solution is designed for companies who need the flexibility of the Span-Track wheel beds, but still want the benefits of dedicated lanes offered by the UNEX roller lanes.

Span-Track helps companies manage their inventory with the FIFO methodology—first in, first out—which helps ensure products are fresh and within date limits. Span-Track is available in a variety of options from light to heavy duty capacity and a drop-in design, allowing the user to fit any pallet rack type. Multiple-sized products can be positioned within the same shelf space with the new guiderails separating products for easier slotting of items.  

UNEX Manufacturing Inc.

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