Hand Pallet Truck and Load Tray [New Products]

Hand Pallet Truck and Load Tray [New Products]

Crown Equipment Corp. has introduced the PTH 50 Series Hand Pallet Truck with Work Assist Load Tray. When configured with the Load Tray, the PTH 50 can be used with a range of Work Assist accessories.

The optional Work Assist Load Tray is factory-installed on new PTH 50 hand pallet trucks with 27-inch wide forks. The foldable 27” x 21” tray allows operators to position paperwork, tools and boxes at a comfortable working height so they bend over less frequently and maintain a faster pace during stock handling applications. The load tray mounting system provides additional mounting points for many other Work Assist accessories, including a clip pad, storage pocket, shrink wrap holder and cup holder.

New PTH Work Assist Storage Bins, which are purchased as a kit containing two bins, have also been introduced and can be attached to both new and existing trucks in the field. They provide operators with quick, convenient storage access, as well as a place for disposal of debris during operation.

The Crown PTH 50 Series pallet truck is used in a variety of material handling environments, including warehousing, manufacturing, retail, food processing and logistics.

Along with the Work Assist Load Tray and Storage Bins, Work Assist accessories such as clip pads, shrink wrap holders, cup holders, storage pockets and the RAM Mounting System are now compatible with the PTH 50 Series. RAM mounts protect electronic devices by utilizing a patented rubber ball and socket design that isolates and dampens shock and vibration up to 50G of shock.

Crown Equipment Corp.


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