High Heat Casters and Wheels [New Products]

High Heat Casters and Wheels [New Products]

Hamilton Caster has introduced new casters and wheels engineered to withstand the rigors of high temperatures. These new products are designed for use in food manufacturing, autoclaves, product finish systems and other extreme temp environments.

Temperature capabilities begin at 250°F and top out at 750°F; wheel diameters span 3 inches to 12 inches; load capacities per caster range from 260 pounds up to a massive 9000 pounds.

Wheel offerings include the Ultratherm with a high performance elastic rubber tread. Other non-metal high temp wheels include the Thermolast, a 30% glass-fiber-reinforced nylon 6/6, and Duratherm, a durable composite material that outlasts high heat phenolic and is designed for oven racks.

For casters, the new Inferno series is offered in light, medium and heavy duty plus a new high heat stainless steel line.

The MagmaMax Extra Heavy Duty Series is rated up to 750°F with a maximum load capacity of 9000 lbs. per caster.

Hamilton Caster & Mfg. Co.

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