High Payload Gantry Robots [New Products]

High Payload Gantry Robots [New Products]

Güdel has introduced new ZP-6 and ZP-7 two-axis linear modules that deliver 25% more payload capacity than previous designs with slimmer profiles and improved maintenance characteristics.

The ZP-6 and -7 are designed to meet the needs of heavy payload materials handling applications, are available in Y axis lengths to 100m and can be configured with multiple Z axis arms.
These ZP machines use third-generation Güdel cam follower cartridges which take 10 minutes to change compared to hours for traditional linear bearings.

The ZP-6 and -7 have smaller beam cross section, and increased capacity for large payload part handling applications, such as machine tending where space is tight and parts are heavy.

Güdel Inc.


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