Hours of Service Integration with E-Logging Devices [New Products]

Hours of Service Integration with E-Logging Devices [New Products]

HighJump has announced that its Prophesy Dispatch Software is now integrated with Rand McNally’s electronic logging devices. HighJump’s Transportation Management solution allows fleets to lower the risk of compliance violations while helping to improve CSA scores, driver safety and fleet efficiency.

Within the HighJump Transportation Management Solution, this integration will warn or prevent a dispatcher from assigning a driver to a load if they do not have enough available time to deliver the load on time.  The system also displays the following information to dispatchers:

  • Estimated driving time required to complete a load
  • Hours of Service totals
  • Last updated date and time
  • Last status update
  • Estimated driving time remaining
  • Estimated on-duty time remaining
  • Estimated remaining total on-duty time
  • Estimated time remaining until mandatory break.


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