Inbound Transportation Management Module for WMS [New Products]

Inbound Transportation Management Module for WMS [New Products]

PathGuide Technologies has introduced an inbound transportation and dock scheduling module that integrates seamlessly with the company’s Latitude warehouse management system (WMS). Developed in conjunction with several Latitude users, the Inbound Transportation Management module provides dashboards and other tools designed to automate inbound delivery scheduling and record-keeping for external carriers, while helping to better assign staff and equipment when and where they are needed.

End users can access and update the delivery schedule through an RF terminal or Latitude’s web interface using the new module. They can see which trucks have arrived, which are being unloaded, and which deliveries have been completed.

The system stores data on all deliveries, giving management documentation and evidence of any issues. For example, if an inbound carrier consistently arrives late or delivers damaged shipments, the distributor now has an accurate record of those incidents and can use the information to bring it to the carrier’s attention, negotiate a better price or find another carrier. 

PathGuide Technologies Inc.


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