Intelligent Inventory System [New Products]

Intelligent Inventory System [New Products]

O-ring Sales & Service Inc. has introduced ShelfAware, an RFID-based intelligent inventory system that allows manufactures to leverage an integrated supply chain.

By combining the IoT, Big Data and automated analytics in one technological platform, ShelfAware allows OEMs to leverage their purchased inventory.

The ShelfAware App, installed on the OEM’s factory work terminals and PCs, provides full supply chain visibility to any inventory item. The app allows users to not only see what is on their shelf, but also what quantity is on the supplier’s shelf. This supply chain visibility helps take the guess work out of sales and operations planning (SOP).

The data collected at the item level by ShelfAware is a key metric for every aspect of an OEM’s SOP activities, including sales and marketing, production planning, operations, purchasing, and finance.

O-ring Sales & Service Inc.

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