Job Costing Solution [New Products]

Job Costing Solution [New Products]

Global Shop Solutions has introduced FLOOOM, a new software release that measures Freight, Labor, Overhead, Outside, Other and Material to help users determine their individual costing components with precision.

With FLOOOM, manufacturers can get reliable answers to critical job costing questions such as:

• How much labor and material went into this part?

• How does the cost breakdown compare with past production?

• Which process needs to be improved to lower costs?

• How will a change in production costs (such as material) affect the financial statement?

In addition to identifying the percentage of each cost component for work in progress, FLOOOM also provides historical tracking capabilities, offering an instant time-lapse view from past to present of every part that has passed through the shop floor. Manufacturers can simultaneously view old quantities and cost, current transaction and cost, and new quantity and cost, as well as a complete history of finished goods costs.

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