LED Fixture for Ceiling Fan [New Products]

LED Fixture for Ceiling Fan [New Products]

Big Ass Fans has introduced a new LED attachment for the Powerfoil X2.0 industrial ceiling fan. The LED fixture produces up to 20,700 lumens, equal to the light output of 25 60-watt incandescent bulbs. For spaces that require less light, there are 9,050-lumen and 14,500-lumen configurations also available.

The standard color temperature of 5700K is similar to daylight and suitable for the detailed work done in factories and warehouses. The angle of light distribution can be optimized with customizable lenses, from 30° for direct light in narrow spaces to 100° diffused for large, open areas. The new fixture integrates with existing lighting grids and operates on any voltage between 120 and 277. (Special voltages are available on request.)

Big Ass Fans

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