Load-Stabilized Hoist [New Products]

Load-Stabilized Hoist [New Products]

Engineered Material Handling (EMH) has introduced the Model LS Load-Stabilized Hoist LS for transporting loads quickly, securely and safely. With a robust rope tensioning design and reeving configuration, load swing can be reduced, even during quick starts and stops.

The EMH Model LS is suitable for steel coil and mesh handling, container trading, bucket or grab applications, and for precise positioning. It is available in two versions: a Single Girder Side-Mounted Hoist with capacities up to 12.5 tons and a Double-Girder Hoist with capacities up to 25 tons. Each hoist is equipped with 3 or 6 separate load ropes, with each individual load rope able to keep the load securely and safely in position because of a special operating angle.

Options include weighted weighing devices, rotation capabilities, a power supply for magnetic systems or for grabbers, overload protection, load indication, outdoor operation additions, and lighting.

Engineered Material Handling (EMH)


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