Mail Order Fulfillment Bagger [New Products]

Mail Order Fulfillment Bagger [New Products]

The new Autobag 850S bagger from Automated Packaging Systems is designed to provide enhanced packaging productivity for mail order fulfillment applications. Capable of running bags up to 22" wide, this system is suitable for packing medium to large products such as apparel, nutraceuticals/pharmaceuticals, shoes, sporting goods, and fashion accessories.

The Autobag 850S Mail Order Fulfillment System features a bag-opening technology that securely grips and holds the open bag in place. This creates a large, square opening (up to 11” x 11”) that allows for loading of single or multi-line orders. This arrangement also facilitates the use of a smaller and more completely filled bag. A coordinated motion seal flattening system provides a consistent, wrinkle-free seal.

Next-bag-out printing is achieved with an advanced thermal transfer imprinter positioned directly over the next bag to be loaded. This ensures accuracy and efficiency in fulfillment applications that require frequent product and label changeovers, and prevents product queuing.

Automated Packaging Systems Inc.

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