Mobile Barcode-Reading Terminal [New Products]

Mobile Barcode-Reading Terminal [New Products]

Cognex Corp. has introduced its MX-1000 series of mobile terminals that offer manufacturers, logistics companies and other organizations that currently rely on purpose-built mobile terminals a new method for performing tasks such as inventory management, logistics and field service. The MX-1000 combines the ease-of-use, low-cost and flexibility of off-the-shelf smartphones together with a rugged hand-held assembly that holds both the phone and a specially designed Cognex barcode reader.

The initial versions of this mobile terminal will offer Cognex’s capability for reading both 1-D and 2-D barcodes, but the hardware in each unit is a complete Cognex vision engine that will be capable of other vision-based tasks such as OCR, package dimensioning and inspection.

Cognex Corp.


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