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Mobile Performance Feedback for Millennials [New Products]

Mobile Performance Feedback for Millennials [New Products]

Manhattan Associates Inc. has introduced Performance at Work, a new solution for enhancing employee engagement. The solution drives improved employee satisfaction by aligning individual employee activities with established organizational goals and metrics, providing employees and managers frequent feedback on their performance via their mobile devices.

According to a February 2017 poll by Gallup Research, millennial workers require more frequent and consistent performance feedback. They also prefer to connect and interact with the world through their own mobile devices. 

The new Performance at Work solution enhances communications with a modern and connected workforce. It leverages the latest mobile technologies to provide millennial workers with the frequent performance feedback they require. The solution combines a challenge-based approach to learning with continual performance data on mobile devices. Performance at Work is designed to boost employee engagement and encourage the development of highly positive relationships between warehouse employees and their supervisors.

The new Employee Engagement mobile application delivers a weekly performance scorecard directly to employees’ smartphones. The software leverages gamification concepts to engage, motivate and incentivize success. It provides regular feedback on how each employee impacts company success and how their work ranks against that of their colleagues.

Manhattan Associates

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