Multilingual 3PL Solution [New Products]

Multilingual 3PL Solution [New Products]

TouchPath has launched Touch3PL, a fully multilingual, user-defined 3PL (third-party logistics) solution. Touch3PL is available in on-premise, hosted cloud and pay-as-you-go versions, with global 24/7 user support and integration with major carriers and e-commerce platforms. The number of Touch3PL software licenses can be increased and decreased in line with changing seasonal demands.

While Touch3PL can utilize desktop PCs and handheld radio terminals, its core functions are also available as apps to give users the option to avoid mobile terminal costs by running warehouse processes on IOS mobile phones and tablets. Users can log in using any leading web browser.

Touch3PL integrates with carriers including UPS and TNT, and with e-commerce platforms including eBay, Amazon and Magento, allowing customer orders to be fed directly into a 3PL warehousing environment. Picking options range from simple pick and pack for smaller orders or pick to pallet for bulk orders through to wave picking to maximize efficiency.

Touch3PL enables customer billing, supporting different charge rates by customer, warehouse, item and process as needed with accessible inquiry screen reporting. It also includes bill of materials (BOM) maintenance to support kitting, relabeling and component (re)assembly. Information is available to customers when their stock moves or an order is fulfilled via e-mail or live Touch3PL web portal access to their own stock information.


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